Meester Wang Ning 10-11 oktober 2020

Yes! This workshop was possible just before more strict travel restrictions and testing were required. Thank you to Master Wang Ning for making the trip and to all the participants.

Especially at this time of physical distancing, the trust that brought us together and
 inspiration from this extraordinary art form were even more special than normal.

mirror calligraphy!
getting ready with the meditation of grinding our ink.

October 2021
Our next workshop is being planned

The January, 2021, workshop in Deventer was postponed. Keep your fingers crossed that by October the Corona levels are down, that less people are sick and hospitalised fighting for their lives, and that it is safe to be together to be strengthened inside and out through this practice. Live.
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Online practice
In the meantime, some of us have been getting together online to stay connected to the brush, ink and paper and to each other. Under the expert eye and teaching of Master Wang Ning. Super!  More info

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