Chinese Calligraphy with Master Wang Ning

28 – 29 September 2024

Brinkgeverweg 13,Deventer

Practical info and registration

Online class Wednesdays
open to those who have taken a workshop with Master Wang 

Wang Ning is a master calligrapher and Chinese seal maker, T’ai Chi teacher, philosopher and an optimistic man. He makes a direct connection with the practice of T’ai Chi and guides students in a spacious, gentle way.
Experience the connection with the brush, the ink, the paper and movement. The art of Chinese calligraphy.

September 2023, Deventer

On 15 February we practiced the characters for  Jade House meaning  universe
Go to Philosophical Friday for more info, a film of Master Wang writing with his new poem to accompany the brush strokes. 

Master Wang is an enthusiastic teacher with a lot of humor, passion and playfulness. At the same time he brings the ink on the paper in a relaxed and focused way, uniting stillness with movement. Just like the unbroken flow of energy in T’ai Chi.

We will go step by step into the essence of Chinese calligraphy with Wang Ning.
With enjoyment and concentration during the live workshops and online classes.
Art, movement, meditation and meaning weave together in this practice.
Meester Wang remains an especially enthusiastic teacher.
We welcome Master Wang Ning back to celebrate
the end of “Spring Festival 2024” (Chinese New Year) .

Master Wang will give each participant a personal calligraphy, for example of his or her name.
A precious memory of this art and our time together.

September 2023, Deventer

Photo albums through the years

Every workshop is special.
We are delighted to be able to experience
this art regularly with Master Wang. 

Foto album 23 & 24 maart 2019
Foto album 15 februari 2020
Foto album 10-11 oktober 2020
Foto album 23-24 oktober 2021
Foto album 7-8 oktober 2022
Foto album 28-29 januari 2023

Chinese stempels (chops)
Chinese seals (chops) with red ink

Wang Ning lives with his family in Frankfurt since the Chinese student revolts of 1989. He is at the Frankfurter Buchmesse and numerous other international (Tai Chi) events every year.

Teaching will be in English and German

Program from February 2024

Registration coming soon.
Please note: the registration form is in Dutch. If you need translation, please contact us.

October 2022, Deventer

Online class every two weeks on Wednesday evening.
Open to those who have had class with Master Wang
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