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Soft Contact Connection with Laura Stone
In these workshops we explore Soft Contact Connection as the foundation for being fully present with another while allowing the space for the other to also relax into being fully present.

Step one: Soft Contact Connection in stillness.
Being in physical contact without pulling, pushing or intention to do anything.
The way is to deeply relax and let go while remaining fully awake and open.
The touch is gentle, forming exquisitely to the surface that is touched (matching).
The practice is with the mind of curiosity.

Step two:  Applying the qualities of Step one with harmonious complete contact interaction.
The interaction is investigative, playful, healing.
Playing further with matching and joining in dynamic relationship (listening).

Step three: Applying the qualities of Step one and two to gradually higher stress situations.
Playing with “harder” contact, less space and time (yielding, neutralizing and uprooting)

Step four: Embodying “from nothing to something and something to nothing”.
Applying the qualities of soft contact connection while uniting intention and action into one focused, dynamic response (uprooting).

The results are:
Building a subtle mind-body database that expands the field of relaxed response before the automatic reaction response system kicks in. Training a meditative mind and sensory system that remains open, receptive and responsive under stress.

The foundation is Grandmaster William C. C. Chen’s T’ai Chi Ch’uan.  The workshops will be given as a progressive series and are open to all styles and levels of practice.  The exact content of individual and partner (push hands and applications) exercises will unfold according to those present.


Pushing Hands UK 2011, Workshop with Laura Stone

The four steps of practice:

  • Soft contact connection in silence/stillness
  • Harmonious, complete interaction
  • Practicing under gradually more stressful situations/under more pressure
  • From nothing to something and something to nothing

The vision is of

  • training a meditative consciousness and sensing system that is open, receptive and responsie under pressure  
  • experiencing joy, sense of wellbeing, playfulness and deep understanding through synchronizing body and mind/brain/consciousness 
  • building up a subtile mind/brain/consciousnessbody data base allowing the field of relaxed responses to be present before the automatic reaction system is alerted. 

Spelen met Push Hands


P. S.

Soft contact connection and T’ai Chi Boxing – two sides of the same coin
Both training methods have the goal of acting consciously from your “Self”, also and especially under stress.  

  • Stress release as a result of soft contact connection. 
  • Remaining relaxed-awake under pressure in T’ai Chi Boxing. 

Yin and yang made concrete/tangible . 

Interested? T’ai Chi Boxing is also given in The Studio.


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