Program Sitting T’ai Chi online

Weekly on Monday beginning 11 January 2021 
Begin (New! 15 minutes earlier than in 2020)
9:30 am/10:30 am/4:30 pm 
Chicago Time/NY time/Dutch time
Each class will start on time; entry until 5 minutes after the start.
10:30 am/11:30 pm/5:30 pm
You can leave the class at any time.
Sitting T’ai Chi lesson – 30 minutes
Standing practice (can also be done sitting) – 10-15 minutes
Exchange/questions with everyone – 5 – 15 minutes
Zoom link will be emailed at the latest ½ hour before the class begins: 9:00 am/10:00 am/4:00 pm
Sign in online starting 15 minutes before: 9:15 am/ 10:15 am/4:15 pm
Note: You can choose if you want to be seen by me or the other participants in the class by turning your video camera on or off on your computer/tablet/smartphone.
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