creative contact training with a staff – photo June 2020: Marcel de Graaf

Dear friends in T’ai Chi,

The leaves are turning, the days are becoming darker, wetter, cooler. Fall is here.
These months of Corona have been a time of challenge and an invitation to be creative with how we practice and transmit this subtle art. 

With an optimistic heart, classes and workshops are on the schedule for the coming year. All classes have begun with enthusiastic students. I am thankful that till now we may train live together. All in bigger halls where there is good ventilation and plenty of room. 

That said, next week I will begin two online trainings: Sitting T’ai Chi on Monday, 26 October, and Chinese Calligraphy with Master Wang Ning on Wednesday 28 October. Both of these classes will be offered in English. 
More info: Sitting T’ai Chi online

I look forward practicing with you soon – live or online!
Laura Stone,  23 October 2020








Chinese Calligraphy with Master Wang Ning
29-31 January 2021

Experience the flow of applying ink on rice paper as another expression of T’ai Chi Ch’uan.
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2 February 2020

T’ai Chi Boxing 2020 

Sundays in Deventer

8/11, 6/12, 10/1, 7/2, 14/3, 11/4 
First three Sundays open for new students.

More info 




Form Applications with Nils Klug 
22 November 2020

We welcome Nils back to give his insights and skill in the applications of the T’ai Chi Ch’uan movements. Practice in basic principles that strengthen and at the same time soften our bodies and minds. Creative exercises to train intensively in this time of Corona.
meer info



Frans Rentink fotograf

Grandmaster William C. C. Chen in Deventer
Thank you to all who attended this inspiring workshop in August 2019!
Take a look at the 2019 photos hier.
Photos from earlier Deventer workshops:
2017,  2015 and  2012
GM Chen was planning to give his workshop in Amsterdam on 28 – 31 August 2020. Unfortunately this has been cancelled. Hopefully he will be back in 2021. More info: Ceciel Kroes ckroes@dds.nl

Laura Stone on YouTube
Laura is regularly publishing films on YouTube with filmer Alwin Wubben. Go to her channel here


30th Anniversary Diploma Celebration 
September 17, 2016


Hope to see or hear from you soon!

Questions? Or are you in need of some translation of Dutch pages? Please contact us.

Thank you for your visit.

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