Chinese Calligraphy – an introduction

Introductory evening – 18 March 19,30 – 21.00
A fascinating and enjoyable presentation by Wang Ning, Master Chinese seal maker and calligrapher. An explanation with demonstrations of the Chinese characters. Welcome! Please register to assure your place (limited space) Meer info

Workshop 19 and 20 March
Master Wang creates an open learning environment with clear instruction in making the Chinese characters. With focus, movement and playfulness.

Welcome for part or all of this weekend training.
No experience necessary for the introductory evening and Saturday morning modules.
New participants are also welcome for the whole weekend.

Experience the connection with the brush, the ink, the paper and movement.
The art of Chinese calligraphy. 
Meer info

De Tao van Qi
The Way (Tao) of Chi

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