Chinese Kalligrafie online

These classes are given by Master Wang Ning and hosted on Zoom by Laura Stone.

Grind your ink in advance and prepare your materials for the class.
Experiment with where you direct the camera. Sometimes you want to be able to see Master Wang well and look at what he is showing; sometimes he will look at your practice.
We will discover the best ways to hold this class along the way.

€ 90 for this series of 9 times – 10 January – 8 May 2024
€ 48 for 4 times for new participants 20 March – 8 May 2024
€ 12 for the introduction on 6 March 2024
OR another fee as agreed with Laura Stone or Wang Ning
Class fees are paid directly to Master Wang.
Participants receive a film of each lesson, even if a lesson is missed.

New in 2024
An annual contribution of € 10 for the Zoom expenses (payable to The Studio). Thank you in advance.

Zoom link
The link for our online meeting will be sent ½ hour before the start of the class per e-mail.
Join the meeting beginning 10 minutes before class time.

This form is in Dutch. If you need help in filling it in, please contact us.

We are looking forward to practicing regularly together!

September 2023, Deventer

Please contact Laura.

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