Treasures of Knowledge: T’ai Chi Ch’uan and relaxation

16 August 2020
7 pm live online

photo: Alwin Wubben






Laura Stone will discuss “song” or “relaxation” with teachers Hella Ebel and Birte Timmsen.  Martin Neumann is the moderator. This live interview to be seen on YouTube will be in English. 

I’m looking forward to being online with Hella and Birte to discuss this fascinating quality of T’ai Chi Ch’uan. 
Take a look below at our film introduction through answers to 7 questions. 

The live broadcast will be at this link on August 16 at 7 pm CET.
We look forward to having you join us!
The program will remain on YouTube to be viewed afterward.


foto: Alwin Wubben 2020

Thank you in advance to the entire broadcast team:
Sonja Blank, Urte Zahn, Sascha Behrens, and
Bundesvereinigung Taijiquan und Qigong

Treasures of Knowledge 1, Basic Exercises can be viewed here.

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