Inspiration and Action in February

What a super beginning of the new year in The Studio with all kinds of activities in the spirit of T’ai Chi Ch’uan. Beginners and experienced practitioners alike are welcome in our workshops and classes.

In addition, the three year intensive training in T’ai Chi Ch’uan has finished. We began just after the Chinese New year in 2017 and finished just before this New Year 2020 of the Rat.  
Films and photos will be available soon. 

Next month you can also practice Soft Contact Connection with Laura Stone during the International Push Hands Meeting in Hannover. She is part of an international gathering of T’ai Chi Ch’uan teachers and practitioners.

Curious? Below you will find more information 
Looking forward to seeing you soon in Deventer or wherever we may meet.

Warm greetings,
Laura Stone


Workshop Chinese Calligraphy 15-16 February

Master Wang Ning presents this beautiful art of writing in an accessible way for everyone. With his flowing movement, breathing and poetry, he creates open space to be able to directly experience the connection of brush, ink and paper. T’ai Chi in brush writing. 

Wouldn’t you like to join us to give it a try or to deepen your practice?
More info and registration


T’ai Chi Boxing weekends 
1-2 February, 7-8 March and 5 April

Train in the basics on Saturday afternoon with boxing enthusiast Sabine Weihrauch and in more interactive practice on Sunday with Laura Stone and the continuing group. Play with effortless power and conscious contact while deepening your understanding of the principles of T’ai Chi Ch’uan. More info



International Push Hands Meeting Hannover
26 February – 1 March

with teachers Laura Stone, Mario Napoli, Nils Klug, Yonghui Deistler-Yi and Wang Ning. Workshops, free pushing in a friendly atmosphere and a smashing gala evening on Saturday. 
Thank you Nils and your team for organising this fantastic event for more than 20 years!  
More info

 T’ai Chi Ch’uan Intensive Training
2017 – 2020


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