Summer Workshops

Dear reader,

Welcome to this summer edition of The Studio T’ai Chi newsletter.


Here in Deventer the summer vacation has begun. A time for many of us to relax and take it a bit more easy. Sunlight, fresh air and (perhaps) the feeling of more time. Delightful! 

Summer Offerings
I will be offering 3 different opportunities to practice together:

  • pelerin-nbin France for a delightful week of  T’ai Chi, Chi-walking and meditation at Pelèrin in a small village next to a Nature reserve (10-17 August)
  • in England for a weekend of soft contact push hands training during Pushing Hands UK. Andrew Heckert (long time student of Dr. Tao Ping Siang) and Serge Dreyer (founder of Rencontres Jasnières) will also be teaching. (23-25 August)
  • in Deventer for 5 mornings of T’ai Chi in the Park in the lovely Worp Plantsoen,
     just the other side of the Ijssel River. (30 August – 3 September)

Would you care to join me/us? I would certainly enjoy having you in the mix of practice energy that we will create together.



Autumn offerings 

  • Push Hands with the theme of soft contact connection 
  • T’ai Chi in Action, an introduction to quick, relaxed movement, basic punches and enjoyable interaction. 


  • ergotaiji-nbErgo-Taiji professional training for movement therapists to integrate T’ai Chi into rehabilitation work and T’ai Chi teachers to more skillfully work with those with disabilities.

Questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us

Have a wonderful (T’ai Chi) summer! I look forward to seeing or hearing from you soon.

Laura Stone


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