Grandmaster William C. C. Chen workshop, Deventer, in review

August 25 – 28 our teacher, Grandmaster William C. C. Chen, was here for his annual workshop in The Netherlands. Four Days of intensive form work, push hands, applications, boxing techniques, sword form and long form. 

After all these years of practice and teaching, Master Chen remains incredibly inspiring. He continues to have new ideas and ways to express what he does in a way that we can see and feel what is important. And in a way that speaks to the beginner and more advanced student. Wow. 
We are quite sure that the participants will agree!

We look back at a very successful workshop and would like to thank all the participants, those who assisted in the organization and running of the workshop and above all, Master Chen himself. 

We have chosen photos for this year’s album. You can find them here.

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